Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Earth, Wind & Water

The earth here is red, orange and black. I didn't see it at the time, but the hanging I found for my door is the same. Originally I'd been looking for something to cover the window: the venetian blinds don't quite close all the way, and in addition the rising sun and the street light both shine down in. I've become a fan of nice designs on doors since my last home. I foresee that I will have great fun making murals on every surface if I ever own a home.

I'm quite happy about the one I did use to cover the blindsl. It was a bit of a trick though - all the walls and doors are covered with some sort of super-drywall that blunts thumb tacks rather than admitting them (only on the top-most edge of the door was i able to pin the other hanging). I didn't even notice that it was an eight pointed design until I got it home! It does a great deal to make sleep easier. The light coming in through the window completely obscures the image though.

There were a few days of amazing storm around the winter solstice, with thick, dark clouds, fat raindrops & wind that was hard to walk through. It was quite impressive & invigorating. Except for when the sand got picked up off the beach and thrown at you - that stung. There were even two kite surfers out the night before last, playing with the fierce wind & breakers.

The waves themselves were amazing: heaving hills of brownish-green water that rushed & carved at the shore, leaving intricate web-like patterns of jiggling foam behind on the beach.

The weather here seems very much in the pdx fashion of "if you don't like it, wait five minutes." Even amongst the torrents I've described there were beautiful moments like the picture above. Especially on towards sunset.

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