Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the country

We took a trip out to Stellenbosch, leaving some time around 10 am. After a quick, unintentional detour into downtown we were underway on the N2 and it was a lovely day, with plenty to look at as we went. Circled around central Stellenbosch for a time looking for parking before stopping in a shopping center lot. It was a pay lot which only accepted silver coins or cards, so we ended up with an hour and a half of coins. Walked around and looked at buildings, ambled some more, went for coffee and lunch at the Arizona Spur. It was a bit of a joke for us going in there and more so after arriving. Service was amazingly slow and we eventually got our coffee, but left without eating in order to avoid ticketing. Got back to the car & Mick swore after a few, oddly silent turns of the key. He had left the lights on and the battery had died.
Waited around in the lot while he went off in search of a garage. He returned about ten minutes later, with a story of a garage where the ous hadn't had any jumper cables & professed to know not how to use them in any case. They recommended the cafe across the street, the owner of which apparently looked at Mick as if he was an idiot.
In the end a collage kid in an old VW gave us a jump and we, tired, hungry and a bit on edge, rumbled out of Swellendam in search of a farm stall to eat at. Found a charming one called "Mountain Breeze" just a bit south of town on the way to Somerset West and had a delicious, revitalizing lunch. Headed back into town just in time to hit rush hour and spent about 45 minutes in traffic. Arrived home and realized Kirsten had left her coat in the restaurant.

They went back to get it the next day (it was still there). I opted to stay behind.

Saw a better-than-I-expected comedy show Thursday night, and Friday we left for our stay in Bonnievale, in a cottage on the banks of the Breede River. It was a marvelous change. The place felt much more comfortable and home-like than Cape Town has managed to. Beautiful, red and green farmlands set in broad river valleys, with people a noticeable degree more relaxed than in CT. Not once did I feel the need to look over my shoulder, other than to get a better look as we drove by some point of interest. Spent one day in and around Swellendam, the next day lounging happily at the cottage, reading, bird-watching, painting and napping. Much drinking of beer and Amarula by all, eating of delicious braai and frequent tea times. Regretted leaving the banjo at home.


  1. Not once did I feel the need to look over my shoulder.

    You feel the need to look over your shoulder in CT? I'm glad you had a nice vacation. But the really interesting thing is, what causes you to want to look over your shoulder?

    Enquiring minds want to know.