Thursday, July 9, 2009

We're the Phone Company

We don't care. We don't have to.

So I called up the other day, using the spiffy Skype phone, to get my t-mobile account deactivated. I kept it on so that we could co-ordinate with folks in Vancouver, and then forgot to get my service disconnected. And then a month or so passed in a blur of new-place exposure. I eventually got through the phone tree to a scripted person and managed to cut through the inevitable, drawn out pitch to keep me with the company by stating that i was on another continent and the service was useless to me now. I was foiled, however, by the assertion that I must pay the ninety-something dollars worth of over due fees before they would end my account. What. The. Fuck!?

In the immortal words of Cartmen: "I hate you guys."

Parts of me want to just not pay them (fuck the phone ransom!). The other parts remember that I live in a "globalized", computer-interconnected reality controlled mostly by corporate plutocrats. Nameless, faceless bureaucracies which would quite willingly make my every effort to live difficult if they could make another dime doing it. Which they do quite well - my account continues to accrue various fees for non-usage even as I type.

"I hate you guys so much..."

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